Thursday, December 02, 2004

Cuddle Day!

Cuddle Day!

Jim and Gracie were cuddling together on Gracie's couch at 3:30 PM today. They were cuddling underneath an afghan Gracie's Grandmom made.

"Cuddling's awesome," said Jim.

Gracie agreed. "I feel like if we were to cuddle hard enough, I'd develop x-ray vision."

"Like a secret power sitting dormant inside of you," Jim said. "Pulled to the surface through the strength of our cuddling."

"Right," Gracie said. "Cuddle me a little harder and I'll be able to fly to work tomorrow."

Jim said, "I bet if you cuddle me strong enough…"

"Yeah?" Gracie said.

"And with enough focus and intensity…"

"Yeah?" she was smiling.

"I'd develop the power to get my ex-girlfriend back."

Gracie stopped cuddling Jim.

"Did I say that?" Jim asked. "I don't know why I said that."

Gracie stood and faced Jim on the couch. "You said it because while you were cuddling up against me you were wishing I was your ex-girlfriend."

"No way," said Jim.

Gracie used her X-ray vision to find a picture of Jim's ex-girlfriend in the wallet he had in his pants pocket.

"She's pretty," Gracie said.

"How do you…?" Jim looked down at his pocket and knew what she had found.

"I'm sorry Gracie," Jim said. "I thought I was ready to date by now."

Gracie sighed. "Maybe I cuddled you hard enough that you developed the ability to teleport your ass out of my sight forever."

Jim gave it a shot, and the next thing he knew he was sitting at an outdoor café in Brussels.

Happy Cuddle Day!