Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Broken Boy On Your Bedroom Floor Day

Broken Boy On Your Bedroom Floor Day!

He's screaming, "But without you I have nothing left."

Say, "I want a boy who'll bring something to the table."

He'll wiggle around and writhe like a worm cut in two. "I thought you saw my potential."

Say, "I don't gamble."

He'll pound his forehead into the fake wood tile. He'll spit up. "You're probably the last person who would have me."

Say, "If I thought I was that pathetic I'd kill myself before Frazier." Turn on the TV and begin watching Frazier.

He'll get up on his knees and slam his fists into his eyes. "I never want to see anything again."

Say, "'Kay." Chuckle at the dialogue on Frazier.

He'll walk to the end of the living room, sprint across the floor and fling himself against the opposite wall. He'll say, "I don't want my bones to work."

Say, "'Don't fuck up my shit."

He'll go into the kitchen and start searching under the sink for something poisonous to drink. He'll say, "I'm going to die here, at your feet. I'll be the fatal vicitim of your cruelty."

Get up and leave. Sleep over at your new boyfriend's house.

Happy Broken Boy On Your Bedroom Floor Day!