Thursday, December 23, 2004

Dogcatcher Day

Dogcatcher Day!

It's been two days since Rex has disappeared. It's time to go to the town dogcatcher and make a threat.

"You find my dog you do one of two things. Bring him back to me, or leave him be."

The Dogcatcher won't turn to you when he speaks from his leather seat.

"I'll do as my occupation dictates I do," the Dogcatcher will say.

Go to the arm of his chair and squat down so your mouth is at his ear. "Place my dog in danger," say, "And I will bring you pain in kind."

The Dogcatcher will scoff. "Can't feel pain," he'll say.

You'll stay by his side, not sure of what he said.

"Just get out of here."

Stand, but don't go.


The Dogcatcher will fly into a rage without even getting to his feet. He'll just bark at you from the sink of his chair until you go.

On your drive home you'll remember that the Dogcatcher is addicted to heroin and it must have been time for his fix. He flew into a panic because you were in the house when he was ready to shoot up. No one's been in his house in 8 months. He didn't know how else to handle it. He just knew he had to be rid of you in order to administer to his self.

Happy Dogcatcher Day!