Friday, June 28, 2013

Teen Date Day!

Parents pay you to chaperone their teenage kids on their dates. It’s usually a pretty easy gig. Parents give you cash to drive their kids around, let them make out in the backseat, and you just have to pry them apart if they go to third or higher.

Tonight you’re chapping two rich kids, Wallace Edmonds and Ashley Van London. A couple blocks from the house, Wallace leans over the front seat with a wad of bills.

“We’re not going to the movies,” Wallace says. “We’re going into Pottersville.”

You tell him he’s mistaken. “That’s the wrong side of the tracks.”

“And it happens to be the hometown of the girl I love.”

“And the boy I love,” Ashley says.

Wallace and Ashley going out is their parents’ idea. Because Wallace’s parents know he’s in love with Betty June, a girl well below his station in life, just as Adam Wilkes is below Ashley’s.

“Our parents won’t let us love the boy and girl we want to love,” Ashley pleads.

“There’s a thousand dollars in that wad,” Wallace says, dropping the bills in the front seat.

You don’t say anything.

“Give him another grand!” Ashley shouts.

“Wait,” Wallace says. “Sir, have you never been in our situation? On either end?”

You’re back there again. Prom night. Standing on Georgiana Turner’s front step, her father yanking your boutonnière off your jacket to stuff a hundred dollars in your breast pocket, telling you he found his daughter an appropriate prom date and you should find yourself someone else to dance with.

“Someone from where you come from.”

You accepted the money. You were respectful to Georgiana’s father and walked away. Georgiana never spoke to you again.

“Keep your money,” you tell Wallace. “I’ll take you to Betty and Adam.“

Wallace and Ashley cheer for you from the back seat. You might be making a very bad move, business-wise, but poor kids deserve a fair shake at winning a rich kid’s heart.

Happy Teen Date Day!