Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Parents Weekend Day!

You paid models to come to your boarding school’s Parents Weekend and pretend to be your parents so you could impress the other kids with how attractive your parents are.

Unfortunately, your real (gross) parents found out about the weekend and showed up, so you’re trying to keep them from meeting the models portraying your parents. Things will come to a head when both your real and fake parents come to a parent-teacher conference.

“Jacqueline?” your real dad will say to your fake mom.

“Edward,” your fake mom will respond, her face alight with surprise.

They grew up together, fell in love, and when Jacqueline’s father moved Jacqueline’s family away, they promised each other to not let their love die.

“I kept my promise,” Jacqueline will say.

“So did I,” your real father will say before grabbing Jacqueline’s hand and running away from your real mom to find a divorce lawyer and initiate proceedings immediately.

“Want to get some coffee?” your fake dad will ask your real mom. They’ll date so it’s cool, your real mom won’t be lonely. Parents weekend is going to work out for everybody involved.

Happy Parents Weekend Day!