Thursday, October 28, 2010

Your Husband Was In The Movie Krush Groove Day!

"Thought that was gonna work out to be something bigger for me," he said to you on your first date. "A lot of the cast used Krush Groove as kind of a launching pad for whatever else it was they were working on. I just couldn't get my shit together like they could."

You were staring at a high-rise where there used to stand a warehouse, which had been used as a location in Krush Groove.

"The roof of the warehouse," he told you. "I was one of the guys dancing on it."

You asked him whether he was still in touch with any of the other cast-members of Krush Groove, and he just shook his head. "Hurts too much."

You leaned over the gear shift and gave him a kiss on his cheek. You told him that you're glad he didn't go on to become a movie star after Krush Groove. "If you had, you might not have given me the time of day. And I wouldn't be having the wonderful time I'm having with you right now."

He said, "Guess that's one thing I can be glad about. I'm having a great time too."

You kissed some more, then you said, "Krush Groove is a stupid movie anyway."

He pulled away and drove you home in silence, angry that you would talk that way about Krush Groove.

A few weeks later he realized he had a shot at something pretty good with you, and maybe it was time to get over the whole Krush Groove thing anyway. He showed up at your door with a signed DVD of the movie Krush Groove. He stuck it into your DVD player and showed you his scene, then he said he'd never watch it again, if you would take his hand in marriage.

That was twelve years ago today. Happy Anniversary you two!

Happy Your Husband Was In The Movie Krush Groove Day!