Monday, October 25, 2010

The End Of Joey Day!

Today is the end of Joey. He's going to lock himself inside his kitchen and turn on the oven and breathe in a bunch of gas or something. He hasn't planned it out very well but he IS going to die today so you should start planning the "Joey's Gone" party and invite Joey's friends, neighbors, and all the police who used to love the way Joey would make them laugh when they'd arrest him for ruining everything in various situations (parades, funerals for Joey's parents and step-parents, this one party that Joey's boss threw for him when he was about to promote Joey but instead Joey showed up with some unloaded guns and a dog). A lot of people are going to want to claim that they always "got" Joey so if you send out the first evite, you'll get the jump on them. Best of luck and don't serve shrimp. Joey loved shrimp and he was very vocal about it so if you refuse to serve it, everyone will ask why no shrimp and you can say, "Didn't you know that was just a put-on?" Remember, when someone takes his own life, it's up to the people he left behind to profit off of the loss socially.

Happy The End Of Joey Day!