Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Babies Having Babies Day!

At six months old, you are the first baby to ever get pregnant. The press has three big questions for you:

1. Are you going to keep it?

2. If you do decide to keep it, since you're only a little bit larger than the average newborn, will the presence of a developing fetus inside your tiny body kill you?

3. Who's the father?

The answer to the first and second questions is yes. The answer to the third question is one you'll take to your grave, since the father is none other than Rookie Of The Year star Daniel Stern!

"We were in love," you would perhaps tell reporters one day if a gestating baby wasn't going to tear your body into pieces in a few weeks. "He was afraid that I was too young to make love, but I told him that love has no age. I made a vow to keep my relationship with Daniel a secret, as I knew if it got out that he had had an affair with a toddler, his career as a star of family entertainment might be jeopardized."

Not only will your baby somehow survive, he will lead a long healthy life, and Daniel Stern will send him $5000 per month under the condition that the baby never try to contact him, and that his paternity never be made public. So good news, your baby won't have to temp.

Happy Babies Having Babies Day!