Tuesday, December 24, 2002

That's Pee! Day!

The odor coming off of that chair your cat-owner friend let you keep for helping him move out of his apartment?

The whitish crust on the inside of your thighs?

The weird flavor of the coke you bought at the drivethru when you were drunk and vocally misogynistic last night?

The tint to the whites of your eyes? (get to a clinic)

The stuff that special someone expelled onto your naked chest at your pleading during an especially dull snow day?

What wakes you up at 6:30 a.m.?

What did you get a fine for squirting onto a parked car last Thursday?

What makes you dance dance dance like you were Michael Jackson with too much pee in his bladder?

What's see-through if you're an alcoholic?

What's stinky if you're going to die in a few hours?

What burns if you're going to die in a few hours?

What's going to be all over your pants after you die in a few hours, besides like a gallon of shit?

That stuff that makes the bathtub fill up with clouds made outta gold?

That black ring on the bathroom floor stretching out from the toilet three feet in diameter? (same thing, but really old)


That's pee!