Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Your Ex-Husband Parachutes In Day!

You and your new husband will be walking across a beautiful flat field of short, bright green grass and many flowers when a man in a parachute drops to the ground not thirty feet ahead of you. He’ll gather his parachute for a second and then he’ll catch sight of the two of you and pause.

“Anna?” he’ll ask.

You and your new husband will go to him. He’ll remove his goggles and you’ll see it’s your ex. He was always into that daredevil crap and you wanted no part of it. Your refusal to join him in his skydiving and his windsurfing and crap was a big sticking point with him. You and he haven’t spoken since 2004.

“This is Larry,” you’ll say to your ex.

“You remarried,” he’ll say to you. “That’s wonderful.”

“Thanks,” you’ll say, genuinely touched to hear a kind word from him. Your last conversation was rather heated. “And you?”

“Engaged,” he’ll say. “There she is.”

He’ll point over your shoulder. You’ll turn to see a woman dropping from the sky in a parachute of her own. She’ll gather her parachute and join you. The four of you will go out for lunch, where you’ll be happy to learn over the course of the conversation that your new husband is afraid of heights.

Happy Your Ex-Husband Parachutes In Day!