Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kids Are Huffing Inkjet Cartridges Day!

They’re thirty-eight bucks a hit! But all across the country people are finding their printers out of ink because their kids are ripping the cartridges out of them and heaving the fumes into their lungs to get a high that will make them feel like Jesus’ first orgasm.

Guess what. The printer companies won’t do a damn thing about it. Their profits are skyrocketing because the only thing that’s more important to Americans than getting high is printing out stuff. So they’re refusing to take the get-high chemicals out of the ink. They will, however, sell you a videotape about how to talk to your kids about huffing their cartridges.

It’s all gonna frustrate you so much that today you’re going to switch to a laser printer. Guess who’s happy about that. Right, THE LASER PRINTER INDUSTRY.

Everyone just wants to make a buck off the erosion of your little boy’s brain.

Happy Kids Are Huffing Inkjet Cartridges Day!