Friday, November 02, 2007

Spy Vs Spy Day!

You started spying on your wife to see whether she is drinking again and you found out that coincidentally she hired a spy to spy on you to see if you’re a spy with the government and she never knew (she realized she never checked that out). You aren’t a spy for the government, you’re just a dentist, but since you were spying on your wife her spy saw you doing spy stuff so he came back to your wife and said, “Yup, he’s a spy.” Your wife suddenly thought that her husband isn’t the man he said he was and she instantly started drinking again, which is exactly what you were spying to see if she was doing. You trying to check up on her is what made her start drinking again. Which is why no one should bother people who love to drink about their drinking. It’ll just make them drink more. Ignore the problem, and not only will you save spy money, but the problem might just go away or you’ll at least not know about it assuming you’re married to the kind of drunk who’s polite enough to keep the drinking a secret from those who care about him and therefore want to ignore what’s killing him.

Happy Spy Vs Spy Day!