Friday, November 30, 2007

The Monster Who Lives In The Couch Day!

Remember that old tale that parents told their kids to warn them from collecting too much loose change? The one about the guy who loved finding loose change so much that he spent days and days rooting under the cushions of the couch collecting coins, and he was down under the cushions so long that one day four fat people came by and they didn’t know he was there so they sat down on the couch to watch football. The fat people watched football for hours and hours and they ended up crushing the change-loving guy under the cushions forever. And now he’s doomed to live in the couch for all eternity and anytime someone drops a coin from their pockets into the cushions he eats it up and grows stronger, and when he’s eaten a million trillion dimes, he’ll be strong enough to climb out of the couch and go to a Coinstar, where he’ll feed himself into the machine and be turned into paper money. Well today, you’re that monster. And you’re one dime short. Any minute now, you’ll get to become dollars.

Happy The Monster Who Lives In The Couch Day!