Thursday, January 15, 2015

Perform Surgery On Yourself On The Subway Day!

You have a gross mole that you’re sick of. Your insurance only covers you for bus accidents (except when they fall on blackout days), and while you’d like to perform a bathtub surgery, it’s 2015, who has a bathtub?

The one place that’s already gross enough that no one will mind is the subway. Not only can you use those wide, curved benches to gather your blood, but if you do it at rush hour there are bound to be lots of people who will call for help if things go south for you. Your fellow passengers love learning (look at all those books!) and they’ll be excited to watch a real live surgery without having to go to med school or steal cable.

So get drunk this morning, grab a steak knife and hop on the subway! You’re gonna die down there.

Happy Perform Surgery On Yourself On The Subway Day!