Friday, March 24, 2017

Shopping For Beds Day!

You met this guy just now and you both agree you want to go to bed together so it's time to go shopping for beds.

"How about this bed?" you ask, pressing down on a mattress with your palms.

"Too firm," he says. "I like to bounce when I fuck."

You move through the Sleepy's to a pillow top.

"Eh?" you say, jumping up and landing on the bed a couple of times so he can see how high you bounce.

"Could work," he says. "Do you tend to fuck lengthwise or do you like to spread out across the width?"

"I fuck lengthwise," you tell him. "I told you I'm from Michigan. We go by the book."

He kisses you once while you're both sitting on the edge of the bed you're going to buy and fuck on. It's your first kiss. It's nice.

"Split it down the middle," you tell the bed salesman when you both hand him a credit card.

"How fast can you deliver it?" he asks the bed salesman. "Like, I think we want it as fast as possible."

"Because you're gonna fuck on it?" the bed salesman asks, not looking up from his monitor.

You laugh. "Soon as we can!" you say.

"Shipping time depends," the bed salesman says. "Where is it being delivered?"

Time to go shopping for houses!

Happy Shopping For Beds Day!