Tuesday, August 09, 2011

You Got Up To Pee Day!

Your wife was all ready to leave. While you were getting ready for bed she put all her things back in her suitcase and left it by the door. She had her clothes folded underneath the bed and she was going to slip outside and get dressed on the landing and then drag her suitcase down to the street and hitch her way out of Denver. She wrote a note. It’s still on the desk, sealed in a yellow envelope. She forgot to grab it from the desk when you suddenly woke up to pee and wandered into the bathroom, so sleepy you didn’t even notice her standing by the open motel room door. You didn’t even notice her holding onto her folded up pants and shirt, with her suitcase tipped at an angle ideal for dragging. You just shuffled into the bathroom with eyes half-shut. In the time it took you to pee she got her clothes back under the bed, her suitcase back in the closet, herself back under the covers because she lost her head-start with you awake. She lost her nerve with you shuffling around the motel room. Now she’s back asleep beside you in bed and you’re still awake, no clue that she came this close to leaving you, no clue what that yellow envelope is doing on the motel room desk. Perhaps it’s a comment card, though you don’t remember seeing it there before you went to bed. Probably just a comment card. Guess they use the same yellow envelopes you use at home. You can check it out in the morning.

Happy You Got Up To Pee Day!