Monday, August 29, 2011

Spaversation Day!

Getting your nails done at a high-end spa you end up conversing with the lady in the chair next to yours.

“Falling out of love with anybody?” you ask.

She laughs and says, “How much time you got?”

You become fast friends and when your nails are dry you both leave the spa together, first to spy on her husband as he sits by the window during a business lunch.

“He made some promises,” she says. “At least, he stated some hopes for himself. I heard them as promises.”

“Doesn’t matter if it was said or even if it was heard,” you say. “It just matters what you’ve decided you thought you wanted, and how far away that is from what you have. Come on.”

You take her to a cafe across the street from your live-in boyfriend’s storefront real estate office.

“Sometimes I think I live with him just to learn what I don’t want in my next relationship,” you say.

One of you suggests that you both just leave town without a word, take off for a new city and a new life. You both laugh, then you agree to never see each other again.

“This was fun, but no one I see socially can know,” you say.

“Same here,” she says. “The only thing I have left is the illusion that my life might be better than my friends’.”

You smile at each other, and she doesn’t slow down the car. You just open the door and roll out onto the median.

Happy Spaversation Day!