Monday, August 15, 2011

Coffee Shop Pranks Day!

Your pal Jimmy, a really funny guy who you always like to chat up at the coffee shop, will show up today with blood all over his shirt and hands.

“Rough day Jimmy?” you’ll ask.

Jimmy will tell you he woke up with no memory of the past three days. There was a girl in his room he’s never seen before. You gotta help him get rid of the body.

“This just another one of your ridiculous pranks Jimmy?”

You and the baristas will all laugh together, since you’ve all been the victim of Jimmy’s pranks in the past. Jimmy loves to play pranks.

“You’re with them aren’t you?” Jimmy will say to you all. Then he’ll take off running.

Alert his buddy at the public library that he’s probably on his way there and he’s suspicious. Make sure to send someone over to clean his apartment and get rid of the girl. You aren’t a part of any sort of nefarious agency or anything. You’re all just sick to death of Jimmy’s pranks so you got together to play a prank on him that he’ll never forget. Now get into your makeup and go greet Jimmy as his dead mother.

Coffee Shop Pranks Day!