Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maxed Out Credit Cards Guy Day!

Today you're maxed out credit cards guy. You're going to go from store to store, ringing up hundreds of dollars of items, then you'll hand over one of your maxed out credit cards for payment and wait for the big reveal.

"Try it again!" you'll shout.

The cashier will tell you the card is simply not being accepted. So you'll give her another.

"I'm sorry sir but that one is also being declined."

Say this is ridiculous and give her your next card, telling her, "I never use this one so it has to work."

That one won't work, as you know, and you'll give her the next one to try, which also won't work, as you know.

After she's tried all 50 of the maxed out credit cards in your wallet, sit in the middle of the floor with your head in your hands and weep. After about twenty minutes, get up and go across the street to repeat the whole process with that store's cashier.

Happy Maxed Out Credit Cards Guy Day!