Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Broadway Adaptation Of The Movie Twister Day!

The Broadway adaptation of the movie Twister is dangerously over-budget because of the cows.

“Maybe we could cut the cows,” one of the investors suggests.

“As far as anyone is concerned, Twister is the movie where the cow gets thrown at the car,” tell them. “Taking the cows out of Twister the Musical is like taking the feet out of Footloose the Musical.”

Another investor says that it’s expensive to fling a cow at the audience every night, and the bungees keep snapping, leading to numerous audience members being crushed to death under the weight of 400 pound cows.

“That’s Broadway,” you say. Then you remind them all that they called you, you didn’t call them.

The investors will be unable to respond to that. They know you have them over a barrel since it’s true that they sought you out and they gave you full creative liberty. Unfortunately they are now responsible for the deaths of 26 tourists and 19 cows. They don’t know how to fire you, so they have no choice but to kill you with one of the cows. Tonight, when you go to your car, the death with be instant save for a few seconds of acknowledgement when you recognize the cow. Tickets to the show will sell out after your death is reported because people will want to see the play that killed its creator in the same manner it killed so many audience members. Then after more audience members die people tickets won’t sell out so much.

Happy The Broadway Adaptation Of The Movie Twister Day!