Thursday, July 14, 2011

Take Your Daughter To Work Day!

Your dad will spend the morning introducing you around to all the people he works with until he comes to Sharon.

“That whore?” say to her as she’s shaking your hand.

Sharon will ask you to repeat yourself. Your father will tell you to say you’re sorry.

“I’m sorry,” say.

Sharon will ask why you said that.

“Mommy always shouts ‘That whore’ and Daddy always shouts back 'Her name is Sharon and nothing happened,’” tell her.

Sharon will look to your dad. She’ll look really mad. Your Dad will laugh uncomfortably.

“Well?” say.

“Well what?” Sharon and your Dad will say.

“Did anything happen?”

“You’re being rude,” your dad will say.

Sharon will ask if your mom put you up to this. Tell her, “I just think if I found out whether or not anything happened, Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t have to yell the same stuff at each other all the time if I could go into their room and let them know once and for all whether or not anything happened.”

Sharon will say, “Well you can tell your mother that nothing will ever happen again, seeing as I’m sure she’s the one who put you up to this.”

“I’m sorry,” your dad will say.

“No I’m sorry,” Sharon will say. “Man am I ever sorry I got involved with you.”

Say, “Mommy didn’t put me up to this. I’m asking for myself. But Mommy did ask me to read you this letter.”

Pull out the letter and start reading. Sharon will run to the ladies room crying right after you begin with the salutation, “Dear Whore…”

Happy Take Your Daughter To Work Day!