Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Babyland Day!

You have an idea for a comedy about if babies could talk. You think if babies could talk they’d speak in hypnotic verse, poems that cut to the essence of what it is to live and experience the color and sound of life. The adults would hear the babies’ message and they’d all go mad, unable to reconcile the lives of obligation and ambition they’ve been living with the undeniable simplicity of the babies’ truth. Most adults will either commit suicide or flop about on the floor, babbling in a manner not too different from the way babies used to. The babies’ will take over and that’s how the first ten minutes of BABYLAND will play out. There’ll be a brief montage of all the adults being rounded up and murdered, then about 75 minutes of babies doing stuff like running congress and seeking funding for much needed infrastructure projects. When the babies grow up they’re no different than the adults they slaughtered at the beginning of the movie so it ends in a way that makes you think. BABYLAND will be rated R for graphic violence and a scene where animals mate.

Happy Babyland Day!