Thursday, December 06, 2007

Your Very First Ride On A Plane Day!

You’re nine years old and today’s your very first time riding on an airplane! More than that, you’re flying all by yourself to meet your Dad in Tucson (he finally was granted visitation rights). You’ll sure be excited when that plane starts to taxi down the runway. And then when you’re in the air, they’ll even give you free soda. All you want! About half way through the flight a man will sit down next to you and ask if you’d like to join the mile high club. Don’t ask him what that means, he’s just making a grown up joke. The real reason he’s sitting next to you is your father stole several billion dollars from his government and he’s going to call your father from the airphone and tell him that unless the money is wired back into his government’s account before your scheduled landing time, he’ll detonate the explosives he’s snuck on the plane and kill everyone in flight, including you. The man is very excited to die for his country and his God, so he shouldn’t be messed with. When you’re put on the phone to prove you’re okay, your dad will give you the secret signal he taught you a long time ago, the signal that says it’s time for you to fuck shit up because the fate of many people is in your hands.

“Time for Squidward to come out and play,” your Dad will say.

You’ll hang up the phone. Then you’ll show the world that nine years is more than old enough to shove a motherfuckers nose cartilage up into his brain cavity. Good luck defusing that bomb kiddo. Thanks for flying Jerry Bruckheimer Airlines.

Happy Your Very First Ride On A Plane Day!