Friday, December 07, 2007

You Have An Axe In Your Face Day!

It’s hard fitting in in high school when you have an axe impaled in your face that can’t be removed without causing severe brain damage, so you basically just have to walk around looking like you’ve just been attacked by a crazed serial killer (the axe was impaled in your face when you decided to save a little money by enrolling in the cheaper juggling class).

The Senior Snowball dance is just around the corner and you want to ask a girl. Unfortunately, every time you get a girl’s attention and she turns to face you, she screams at the top of her lungs. It breaks your heart a little more every single time. But you have a good spirit so you keep trying to show the other kids that there’s a heck of a personality behind that axe in your face from which sometimes blood spurts out down your neck and chest. You’ve learned how to break dance and you also drive your Dad’s car to school and you offer people rides. But it doesn’t stop them from screaming whenever they look at you, even when they’ve been in your company for hours. That axe in your face never gets old.

Today you're going to ask Susan to the dance. You’ve loved Susan from afar for a while now. When you say her name she’ll turn, smile, then let out a howl of terror and run through a window and die. You’ll get so pissed that you’ll begin your killing spree of headbutts.

Happy You Have An Axe In Your Face Day!