Monday, December 06, 2010

Find A Reason, Any Reason Day!

Maybe it's because you got messed up when you were a kid after your adoptive mom met your biological dad and fell in love with him and then your adoptive dad hooked up with your biological mom but they realized it was just a vengeance boff so it didn't work out. Or perhaps someone locked you in a locker for twelve minutes when you were in middle school. Whatever the reason is, you need to find it today. Might be that you need a reason to finally say "you know what, fuck this" to the Clown College T.A. you've been banging for a grade bump on your mid-term, or maybe you're looking for a reason to finally write that letter to Richard Roeper telling him how much he got wrong in his review of "Faster." No one cares what you need the reason for, we're just rooting for you to find one. It's rare in life that anyone gets to behave in a manner that is 100% justified, but we think you can be the first. Get back in therapy. You need a hand with this.

Happy Find A Reason, Any Reason Day!