Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Corporate Dennis Day!

Everyone in town hates Corporate Dennis because the only thing Corporate Dennis cares about is the bottom line. As far as Corporate Dennis is concerned, things like the arts and charity and loving one another should be considered hobbies that you try and squeeze in on your free time if you have it. Corporate Dennis isn’t interested in anything that can’t be monetized, which is why you’re so ashamed to have gone back to his place with him last weekend, and why you’re doubly ashamed to have allowed him to come over to your place when he called you late last night.

Right now Corporate Dennis is sitting in the chair by your bedroom window staring at you, still under your blankets. What are we doing he’s asking you. There’s nothing about you and me that benefits either of us financially.

Shrug your naked shoulders and tell Corporate Dennis you don’t want it to continue between you two, but you also don’t want him to do anything else but crawl back under the covers and make you feel the way he made you feel last night.

I feel it too is what Corporate Dennis is telling you right now. I don’t see the point in anything but putting my lips on your skin. I don’t want to go anywhere except inside of you.

I hate you, tell Corporate Dennis. I blame you for everything that’s wrong with this country. I get excited when I hear about bad things happening to you.

And yet Corporate Dennis is asking you.

And yet I want you to chew me up and leave nothing left Corporate Dennis.

Corporate Dennis is back in your bed now, and he’s asking are we a metaphor for capitalism and its nefarious effect on even the purest of souls?

No, tell Corporate Dennis. We’re just a girl and a boy in a bed in a room.

Happy Corporate Dennis Day!