Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Time To Talk To Janice About Deborah And Leon Day!

Your wife Deborah is cheating on you with Leon, who is married to Janice. Are we clear? Good.

Go see Janice (the one married to Leon) and tell her that Leon (Janice's husband) is sleeping with Deborah (your wife). Make sure you keep all these names straight or this will go horribly.

"Wait, who?" Janice will say.

"Leon," you'll say. Janice will be real impatient with you since she has a whole lot more cakes to make. Janice owns a bakery. Remember that.

"Why did you come here to tell me that Leon and I are having sex?" Janice will say. You must have screwed up the names.

"No, I didn't mean to say you're having sex," you'll say.

"Well if you did, you'd be right. I just don't understand why you came all the way here [to the bakery I own] to tell me that."

Look down at your hand for the notes you wrote in pen. Janice - Leon wife. Leon - Deborah affair. Deborah - My wife. Janice is a baker.

Say, "You're a baker."

Janice will nod.

"I'm married to Deborah."

Janice will nod again.

"You're married to Leon."

Janice will lean forward now. She can see you're on the right track.

"Deborah has sex in bakeries with Janice."


Happy It's Time To Talk To Janice About Deborah And Leon Day!