Monday, February 11, 2008

Fools Gold Made 22 Million Dollars This Weekend Day!

Time to finish writing that movie about bathing suits you've been working on. You should call it LAYIN' OUT. It's the triumphant story of a pale girl from the city who never tanned before. She moves to Hermosa Beach because her Dad got transferred there for work, and at first no one likes her because she's never tanned before. But it's not that she can't tan, she just never tried. One of the tannest boys in the school ends up falling for her, and all his friends think he's out of his mind wasting his senior year with some pale girl, but then the pale girl says that she wants to learn to tan. It's not because she has anything to prove to the other kids.

"It's something I have to prove to myself."

They fuck on a boat. It hurts and is magical. They spend most of the next few months laying out like crazy until the pale girl is a deep golden bronze, except since it's her first tan, it's a "Virgin Brown" and it puts her over the top at the tanning competition. She wins and her mom tells her how proud she is of her then dies of cancer.

Happy Fools Gold Made 22 Million Dollars This Weekend Day!