Thursday, March 28, 2002

Come Out Of Retirement For One Last Job Day!

Remember Kola? The hooker with the heart of gold who you helped get off the corner and off the horse before you got run out of town? Well don't worry, she's not back on the needle. But her daughter Mimi's been kidnapped. And the kidnapper is none other than Fink, your former "employer" from your days in Old City. It looks like Fink has a job that only you can pull off and you can either swallow the words "Never Again" or give a kiss goodbye to the little girl who may or may not be your progeny. So whether you were an accountant, a notary, a tailor or a master jewel thief, you got no other choice but to get back in the game because today's Come Out Of Retirement For One Last Job Day!

(NOTE: If you get the chance, try to spend a little time with Mimi and forge some semblance of a fatherly relationship with her. Granted, when this is all over you'll either be dead or on a plane to Turkey, but at least she'll know who her father was. If you'd met your old man, things might've gone another way for you. You know what's right and what's worth forgettin' about.)