Monday, May 29, 2017

You Hurt Some People Day!

Their names are


You hurt  them. You know you hurt them. They will never forgive you and you have no reason to expect them to. You don’t like that you hurt them and you don’t think you’re that great a person because of the pain you caused.

“But I’m going to try harder to be a better per--”

“No you won’t,” your support group shouts in unison.

You sit back down. You won’t, and you come here to have a bunch of people remind you that you won’t. You need others to let you know that any hope you have of being a better person is nothing but an empty dream.

“This is it!” you all shout while holding hands. “The people we are now is all we’re going to be and we just have to try not to ruin much stuff before we die.”

Moment of silence, then a bunch of you run off to have damaging sexual encounters that set you all back emotionally and financially for years.

Happy You Hurt Some People Day!