Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You're In Some Girl's Trunk Day!

She put you in there and said you had to stay there until she could find a good place to park for the two of you. It's nice in the trunk. Every few hundred miles she stops for gas and opens the trunk to throw you some hot dogs and Sprites she bought from the gas station. She looks really pretty with the blue sky around her reddish brown hair when she throws you hot dogs and Sprites. The spare tire works as a pretty good pillow for when you get sleepy. And there's a bag of her clothes in there that she must have intended to give to Good Will so you like to pull those out and smell her on them. She smells nice.

One time she got pulled over and so you kicked at the trunk until the cop made her open it. He looked at you, then at her, and he said even though it's probably a crime you two make such a good couple that he'll let it slide and slammed the trunk shut. Who are you to argue with law enforcement?

She kissed you in Utah. Pulled over at a Scenic Overlook, opened the trunk, grabbed your face and kissed it until she was done. You've been hoping for another every time the car comes to a stop. Maybe this next one.

It's been a good seven weeks now. A good nine or ten thousand miles. She still hasn't found a place to park for the two of you. You're starting to wonder if she ever will. You're starting to worry that she might just let you out and drive away. 

Or maybe she just wants to drive. That'd be fine if she just wants to drive. Things weren't working out so well for you before, so being there in her trunk, smelling her clothes, sleeping on her tire, hoping for one more kiss, that'd be fine if she just wants to drive.

Happy You're In Some Girl's Trunk Day!