Friday, July 29, 2016

Here's a little info about this here blog.

The following is an amended version of what I posted on, the tumblr where Girls Are Pretty lived for the past few years. I'm putting it here too because I want people who come here to read it if you didn't. 

I started Girls Are Pretty back in 2002, updating it every day for several years before I slowed down and focused on other stuff. Because I’m bad at bothering to do things right, I moved the blog around a bunch of times, and the entries have ended up scattered about many different platforms. First it was on blogger. Then when I put a lot of the entries into my first book Happy Cruelty Day, I paid a friend to design a full-on website. Then for God knows why I went back to a blogspot blog for a few years, until I moved over to Tumblr, a platform I never really understood or enjoyed at all.

Jumping around like that meant the archives in every location were incomplete. I’m now going back to the days of its infancy and just posting it here as a Blogger blog again. And I’ve managed to gather every single entry from all the different incarnations into this blog's archive.

So if you’re new to this blog and you want to read the thousand or so entries you might have missed, now has every single Girls Are Pretty Day since “Tell People You Took A Friend For An Abortion Day” on March 26, 2002. All 2,637 posts are there in the right column, and the search thing at the top works if you remember one you want to find again for whatever reason.

I’ll continue to update it sporadically, usually whenever I hate whatever else I’m writing or I’m particularly filled with heartsickness or I want to passive aggressively address people in my life with missives too long for a subtweet. The design is as generic and ugly looking as the very day it started, back when I was living in an illegally converted office space in Los Angeles and discovering all the wonders a dial-up connection could deliver unto me.

I’ll keep everything here from now on. Even though I don’t update it that much, I like Girls Are Pretty. I like that it’s been around for so long and there’s so much of it and I like that all those posts are in one place again.

As long as I’m being sentimental, two people were really helpful to the site in the early days and I want to type their names onto the Internet now. A few months after I started it, Leslie Harpold contacted me out of the blue and actually just went ahead and registered the damn domain for me. Even though we’d never met in person she walked me through moving off of Blogger and making things look more legit. And Chloe Weil created a gorgeous design for the fancy site it lived on for a while. They’re both missed.

In closing, all my stuff is here now if you want to read it.

Also, buy the book version, Happy Cruelty Day. It’s got at least 50 entries that were never on the web, and when you buy it I get money.

PS: When I update it I'll tweet the link out from @girlsarepretty1 if you want to follow that. I'll probably tweet it from @bobpowers1 too I mean who are we kidding?