Friday, July 17, 2015

You And The Summer Camp Slasher Are In Love Day!

You thought you were protecting her. She’s the last pretty girl who’s still alive of all the Counsellors In Training. Normally that would mean a long drawn out chase before she either narrowly escapes or she ends up killing the murderer. But you just noticed it’s been over a half hour of running through the woods, and there’s no killer chasing her.

“I can’t exactly chase myself,” she says.

“It was you all along,” you tell her. “You killed Brandon and Diane and Maureen and Nandanee and Karen and Mitch and–”

“Is this a roll call? Look this is who I am. I kill hot teens in the woods. I’m not the perfect girl but I’m happy with who I am and I’m not going to have some guy try and change me into what he thinks a girl should be…even if I’m in love with him.”

You blush. You can’t help it. Love. The word that’s been ricocheting around your head ever since you first saw her teaching campers how to tell deer scat from wolf scat. You can’t believe that very same word just crossed her lips.

“I…Guess I love you too.”

You both smile. Then you burst out laughing.

“This is crazy though! I mean, you’re a slasher!”

“And you’re super-hot,” she giggles. “But instead of driving a scythe through your face, all I wanna do is kiss it.”

She takes a step forward.

“Can I?” she asks. “Kiss you?”

You place your hand on her bare shoulder, her skin warm under your palm. You guide her closer to you and she places a kiss on your neck, then your cheek, then your mouth. Then you both lay down on the path in an embrace.

You pull away.

“But if we have sex…”

“Will I have to kill myself?” she says. “We’ll see. I’ll either commit suicide or be a hypocrite, two fates that are worth the risk if it means making love to you right now.”

She kisses you again in a way that lets you know this is no time to discuss hypotheticals. The way she takes you, it’s gentle, but you can sense the violence inside of her.

She stops when you hear a moaning from the woods. Brandon must still be alive.

“Don’t,” you plead. “Stay here with me.”

She smiles, she complies.

After, you fall asleep feeling blissfully ravaged. You wake up when you hear footsteps. She’s just returned from someplace. She curls up behind you on the path, and you notice that you don’t hear Brandon moaning anymore.

Happy You And The Summer Camp Slasher Are In Love Day!