Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In The Supermarket Day!

You put your hand on the freezer door to get the fish sticks he used to buy.

You never ate them before he came into your life. You used to assume such foods were gross.

But he kept demanding them, he loved them so. He made you think if he had to choose between you and the fish sticks you would be the one he’d happily let go.

“You’d be the one I’d happily let go,” he’d joke.

Then the two of you would take turns taking bites obliterating the length of a fish stick.

Your hand is on the freezer door to grab those fish sticks, a box of the fish sticks he used to buy.

Just because he’s gone back to his ex-boyfriend doesn’t mean that freezer door is locked to you forever.

He opened it for you.

This is what lovers do.

They open doors.

Even when the only thing on the other side is some frozen fish sticks.

The doors stay open. Everything on the other side is yours to keep.

He gave those fish sticks to you, he brought them into your life. He took away his heart, the fish sticks are yours to keep.

Happy In The Supermarket Day!